Operating Model

Docere Business Model

Docere is an investment holding company. It holds investments in business it creates itself (SBUs), created by others (unlisted and listed investments), properties, intellectual property etc.

The Docere business model involves the following activities:

  1. Needs Analysis & Engagement/Opening new frontiers

Docere led by the CEO has the role to open new frontiers by exploring and engaging with stakeholders in areas of interest to the various SBUs and investment vehicles or totally new areas of interest to shareholders for diversification purposes. The CEO works closely with SBU MDs in relation to specific leads. The activities that supports opening new frontiers include:

  • Participation in various professional and market forums to position SBUs solutions and understand various,
  • Engage and create relationships with key stakeholders or influencers in areas of interest for SBUs and new ventures,
  • Provide a repository of reports of various opportunities/needs from the above activities and links and relationship created,
  • Link key stakeholders with leaders in various portfolios
  1. Business Development- Develop Solutions for the identified needs
    • Find and define solutions for the various opportunities identified
    • Identify the appropriate SBU to deliver the solution defined
    • Assist the SBU in defining the value to be created and the strategy
    • Set new vehicles to deliver solutions on new opportunities
    • Maintain a repository of new opportunities identified both from Docere activities and from various SBUs
  2. Mobilise Resources- Raise Funding internally and externally and Build & Support Talented Winning Team
    • Develop an effective process to raise funding using the group resources
    • Develop relationship with local and international funders
    • Management debt
    • Identify and grow an executive leader pipeline
    • Create executive teams and assign responsibility of various SBUs
  3. Governance and Compliance - monitor and supervise
    • Create governance systems and structures to monitor and supervise SBUs and investments (creation of boards/committees)
    • Enforcement of Control Procedures and Process – internal audit function
    • Monitoring SBU strategies and value creation through participation in SBU management committees
    • Support and oversee secretarial legal and compliance services for various investments
  4. Balance Sheet Management: Investment management and Diversification
    • Monitoring of Docere investment asset mix and realignment
    • Managing the retained value (undistributed income) invested with SBUs or on other passive portfolios like investment properties, listed shares etc.
    • Identifying and assessing various investment avenues
    • Management the investment policy of Docere
    • Group treasury management
  5. Shareholder Value: Assess Investment Performance, Retain and Distribute
    • Collecting returns and monitoring investment performance
    • Managing the dividend policy
    • Distribution of dividends to shareholder
    • Financial Reporting